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Company foundation by master auto mechanic Erwin LorInser

Brand Positioning

Lorinser Positioning: Mercedes-Benz fashion designer

Lorinser was founded in 1930 and is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It’s not just that Mercedes-Benz is the most It is a large dealer, and it is also a famous Mercedes-Benz refitting brand that is famous all over the world. With advanced design concepts and beyond. Mercedes-Benz quality, known as “Mercedes-Benz fashion designer.”

Lorinser philosophy: quality first, comfort improvement

Quality enhances taste, taste defines life, and life needs comfort. On the basis of ensuring the safety structure of the prototype car, Lorinser carried out a new design and quality control for its appearance and interior. Upgrades to make your vehicle more pleasing to the eye and exude comfort from the inside out Safer, more stable, healthier, and more comfortable—not every Mercedes-Benz is called Lorinser.

Lorinser style: simple atmosphere, low-key restraint

Simplicity and grandeur are the elegant temperaments of Lorinser, and low-key and restrained are the wisdom of  life. Lorinser doesn’t need a dazzling appearance to show it’s talents or a colorful and gorgeous interior to witness it’s glory, and he doesn’t need either. It is necessary to have the function of shining like stars to reflect strength. Simple and elegant, majestic and stable, low-key and stylish, restrained and sharp

Lorinser spirit: perfect to touch

Exploration and innovation, never stop; ultimate perfection, lifelong pursuit. From its inception to the present, Lorinser has kept pace with the times, continuously innovated with technology, and looked at the times with an advanced vision. Fashion, design vehicles with a cautious attitude, create art with rigorous craftsmanship, and create a generation of legends.

Brand History

Great achievements start from scratch

On March 1, 1930, out of his love for cars, German automotive mechanic Erwin Lorinser founded his own independent automotive company. And it is precisely because of this love that great achievements have been made. Erwin Lorinser has won high praise from the times and has been widely spread due to his outstanding abilities, dedication, and a responsible attitude. The excellent reputation earned Erwin Lorinser the favor of Daimler Benz AG, granting him the authorization to be a "private and commercial vehicle dealer", as well as the commission of vehicle maintenance and services, becoming an authorized dealer of Daimler Benz.

Foresight, creating a generation of legends

In 1974, Manfred Lorinser took over the company from his father Erwin Lorinser and became the new general manager. At this time, Lorenz was in a period of rapid development and gradually grew into the largest distributor of Mercedes Benz in Germany. Manfred Lorinser was not satisfied with his immediate achievements. With the gradual popularity of Mercedes Benz cars, owning a unique vehicle will become a demand of the times. In 1976, the Lorenz branch was opened in Winnenden Town, Stuttgart, Germany. In addition to the sales of private and Commercial vehicle, a new service - Lorinser Sports Service is added to upgrade and customize Mercedes Benz professionally.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Designer

Under the concentrated operation of Manfred Lorinser, Lorinser sports services have developed rapidly and become the vehicle appearance and interior upgrade customization business leading the future trend. Before upgrading and customizing Mercedes Benz vehicles, Lorinser will redefine the vehicle based on the characteristics and purpose of each vehicle, ensuring the original safety architecture. Based on this, the exterior and interior will be designed with six dimensions of safety, stability, health, comfort, intelligence, and aesthetics. This not only gives the vehicle a personalized and passionate appearance, but also gives it a simple, atmospheric, and understated temperament. In 1981, Lorinser Sports Services was registered as an independent company. To this day, Lorinser has become a world-renowned high-end customized brand of Mercedes Benz cars.

Honor World, Stars Shining

As the top brand in the high-end customized automobile industry, Lorinser has dealers in more than 40 countries around the world, and its products are all over Europe, the Americas and Asia. It has a large number of fans, including celebrities such as Bernie Ecclestone, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Paul Tracy, Shaquille O'Neill, Denzel Washington, Sharon Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.

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