Lorinser Motors

Encounter Extraordinary, Lorinser Star Tank Big M Amazingly Appears

Classical aesthetic design, elegant and noble temperament
Quadrilateral air intake grille, round headlights
Retro personality, very recognizable

The body line is smooth, and the door is convenient
Two-way seating for up to five passengers
Two or three rows of seats can be folded, and the space utilization is high

Accessible welfare design to assist passengers on and off the bus
Details show every concern
Integrate human care and digital technology to create a comfortable cabin with temperature

Active safety assisted driving,Ensuring intelligent travel
Rich science and technology configuration
Create a mobile connected Shared space

European five-star safety standard
For you to bring full security protection
Using lightweight technology,
the body frame and door panel structure are made of aluminum alloy materials
The strength and anti-corrosion performance of the body are far beyond the traditional materials,
The strength and stiffness of the whole frame are effectively improved
And more environmentally friendly, high recycling rate
Cold and durable, not afraid of bad weather

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