Lorinser Motors

Encounter Extraordinary, Lorinser Star Tank Big M Amazingly Appears

Lorinser,which continues to deeply cultivate the field of
high-end automobile customization
Actively embrace electrification
Join hands with the Strong Technology
Carving off-road products with hardcore strength
Warrior 917 Lorinser was born
One with the ultimate off-road performance
The ultimate ride with luxury travel experience
To break through the core technology trend
Once again refresh the industry to a new height

Lorinser is a world famous modification brand
With “AMG” and “BRABUS”
Mercedes Benz is one of the world’s top three modified brands
It’s older than the first two
Known as “Mercedes-Benz Fashion designer”
The Fierce 917 Lorinser Advanced custom version is based on military vehicle genes and hardcore technology
Fully integrated with the high-end custom concept and style of Lorinser

To powerful, awaken the desire to cross country
With pride, echoing the crazy times
As a brand with high-end car modification genes
Lorinser follows the guide of love, and explains taste with style
Resonating with the cross-country spirit of the heart

Blood, passion, wildness, intelligence…
Push the boundaries of imagination and creativity
Combine hard off-road and luxury into one
Against the backdrop of light and shadow
Sharp lines and a strong, hard texture
Show the opening and closing of the bearing, showing the momentum of arrogance

Unique craftsmanship and extraordinary creation
Lorinser adopts the aesthetic concept of “simplicity and grandeur, understated and introverted”
Integrating future technology into personalized design
Carrying the expectations of users for urban and off-road driving
With unprecedented beauty in styling
Creating a new chapter in brand advancement
Show you more driving possibilities

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