Lorinser Motors

Feel the luxurious beauty of VS570MX Tianzhou

New VS570MX Tianzhou
Continuing the classic design philosophy of Lorinser
Embedding sporty aesthetics in every detail of the car body
Unlock a new way of life for urban families
who love life, yearn for poetry, and distant places


Smooth and atmospheric body design
Interpret the realm of life in the slightest
Flying wing feather grille
Two sides with four tail throats
Further boost aerodynamic performance
The iconic floating roof design is highly recognizable and eye-catching

Luxury integrated S-class middle armrest box
Simple and atmospheric, showcasing elegance


Up to 900L accompanying magic space
Fill it with all your interests and loves

Walk for the sake of longing
VS570MX Tianzhou
Bringing a unique driving experience
Make it easy for you to seamlessly switch
between cities, mountains, and distant places

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