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VS600MX Gulfstream · Seven seater |Control the realm in the mind, beyond imagination

Throughout the history of world aviation,
there have been many aircraft manufacturers.
But whenever luxury business jets are mentioned
The first one comes to people’s minds
There must be a Gulfstream business jet.
With super speed, flexible configuration,
comfortable and refined intelligent cabin design,
Gulfstream business jets are well known and popular among high net worth individuals

Lorinser has always focused on high-end car customization
“Gulfstream” as the super luxury MPV product name
Not only to meet people’s infinite yearning for flight
It will be comparable to the comfort of Gulfstream business jets
To every taste-seeking taster

VS600MX Gulfstream · Seven seats
Take personalization to an unprecedented level
Achievement A privileged ride that knows what you need

With originality quality, carving the beauty of art
Extend sensory enjoyment with deep heritage
Infuse every detail with refinement
Inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night
Carefully crafted to fully reproduce the shock of the starry sky

Zero gravity car seat wrapped in NAPPA leather
With a range of exclusive custom interior details
Perfect interpretation of the Lorinser brand nearly a hundred years of ingenuity precipitation
Not only the rest time, but also the comfort of the passengers
It can also show elegant style when meeting guests

VS600MX Gulfstream · Seven seats
Open ultra luxury MPV space Imagination
Integrated SKABINE PRO smart cockpit system
Through intelligent terminal display and shuttle control button
One click to open sleep mode, air mode
Daily mode and other multi-scenario comfort mode
Refresh the comfortable and luxurious sitting experience once again

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